Medical Marijuana

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This is a very informative blog on the issues around the use of medical marijuana in workers comp for the treatment of chronic pain. While it was written several years ago, employers and many states are still struggling with the issue.

Currently 30 states have legalized the use of medical marijuana and 8 states have legalized recreational use. Given the recent and continuing focus on the opioid crisis, this is a subject that will most likely be brought to the forefront.

Just last month a NY comp judge ordered an employer to pay for medical marijuana for an injured worker, Judge Lionel Simon, specifically stated, “…the tremendous amount of death and addiction that are associated with opioids. If there is anything criminal here, its how these drugs have been force-fed to injured people creating addicts.”

Do you know your states status on the legalization of medical marijuana for workers comp? Do you have an internal policy to handle requests from providers? In states where medical marijuana is legal how is it managed by case managers?

Karin Maynard, V. P., Marketing

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